Q: How do you open and close the blinds?

A: Firmly hold the center of the bottom rail and push up or pull down to open and close the blind at any height.

Q: Can the length of the blind be shortened?

A: Yes, please use the shortening guide to walk you through the process.

Vinyl Blinds

Q: Which side is the front of the blind?

A: The side that has the attachment for the tilt wand. It should be on the left side.

Q: What is the correct orientation of the bracket?

A: The portion of the bracket that says “press” near the bottom should be facing you to read easily.

Flat Slat Blinds

Q: Why is the white spacer included and how does it attach?

A: Due to the blind having a built in valance, the spacer allows for additional height of the bracket when inside mounting. Simply line the three center holes.

Q: Where can screws be placed for the bracket?

A: The two long cylindrical sections of the bracket should be used. The additional hole between those can be used as well.

Drapery Hardware

Q: How many poles make up a single rod?

A: Three poles comprise a single rod, with two large ones (same size) and one smaller one. If you have a smaller extension of 28-48, then please note that only two poles will be included.

Q: What if I want to use the full extension; What do I do?

A: You would look for the inner pole located inside one of the larger poles. If it has a decorative end attached to the inner pole, remove that and attach the remaining larger pole. Place the decorative end on larger pole you had just added.

Q: If I want to use the smaller extension, how may poles do I use and which ones?

A: You would use the pole that has a pole inside of it. Simply extend the smaller inner pole out to the distance you desire.

Discontinued Items

Q: How long do you keep customer service parts for discontinued products?

A: We keep them on hand for two years and then dispose of them.