Warranty Information by Retailer


If you are in need of parts, but your main product is fine, please visit the Replacement Parts page.

Amazon/Wayfair/Kohl's (Online Blinds Only)

Brand - Lumino

If you find that your product is no longer working within a year of your purchase date, please reach out to our staff so that we can provide you with a replacement item. Reach out via the Contact Us page.


We'll need the following information to better assist you:

- Purchase/Order Number

- Product Name

- Product Size

Menards (Blinds)

Brand - Lumino

Each blind comes with a one year warranty. If your blind is no longer working the way that it should, you can simply take the blind down to exchange or return to Menards. Please note that you can leave the brackets up and just take the blind back. We are following the retailer’s return/exchange policy as they require.

Amazon/Wayfair/Lowe's/Walmart (Online Drapery Hardware)

Brand - Lumino

If your product is defective in some way via the main poles or decorative ends (finials), then please reach out to our customer service team so that we can provide replacement parts. Please note that we follow retailer website warranties of 30 days. Please reach out via the Contact Us page.

Walmart (Drapery Hardware)

Brand - Better Homes and Gardens, Mainstays

Each product follows the Walmart return/exchange policy. Meaning that if the poles and decorative ends (finials) are damaged, then you will need to take it back to the store or ship it back. Walmart will then offer a return or exchange pending on what you would like to do.

Lowe's (Drapery Hardware)

Brands - Allen+Roth, Origin 21, Style Selections

The products sold at Lowe’s would fall under the Lowe’s retun/exchange policy. If the products are not up to standard, then please bring them or send them back to the retailer. You will be offered the choice to either return or exchange the items.